The story of my daughter diagnosed with Dyslexia.

This is the short story of my daughter Irdina Safiyyah… she been diagnosed with Dyslexia when most labelled her as slow learner. She’s been left out from all her studies and kind of hard to keep friend of her age. Thus, to my point of view, you have dealt with lots of challenges beyond of lifetimes. However, with the family behind you all the time, will you thrive without surrendering to any of these environments.Myself as a father to you, found that you live with a new experience that I will not ever have and you develop new skills that I do not have. You have shown me courage and effort to deal with the future life by decorating it with what you like which is drawing, painting, cooking, sewing and more....I have lived out my life but you shown me a new kind of living. There is no end to pursuing any of your heart’s liking. Therefore, thank you for giving me the opportunity to live with your gifted special thinking that overcame your childhood challenges.

Idifuszaleen Abdul Rahim