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My ex boss, my friend, my sister and my mentor - Ms Yvonne Kao

She has build up her company - Wise Unicorn for past 35 years.  Her success lies on her determination and confidence.  She manages a large team of people, leads panel discussions on gender and diversity, presents to executives and peers alike, and always stands behind the work she puts in. She is not afraid to speak up in a boardroom, or have a one-on-one discussion with a co-worker. She is so much more than a “boss”—she is a true leader. On top of that she is a single parent to her daughter. Though she seems to be working around the clock, you can never see her break a sweat. She manages two full time jobs with style and grace—a feat is nothing other short of miraculous. Watching her  juggling between home and work, in general has undoubtedly shaped up her idea of womanhood, professionalism, leadership, and confidence. She dressed up professionally in the office. She speaks eloquently and writes professionally. She commands a room with presence simply cannot be denied. She is not cocky—she is smart, knowledgeable, prepared, and determined. She serves simultaneously as my friend and my mentor, my best friend and my strongest motivation. She is like a modern-day Superwoman, she can do both—the roles are mutually exclusive. I wish her all the BEST!
I admired her FIGHTING spirit
Iman Wong