Iman Wong

A beautiful angel.

I have been watching Ms Li ZiYi's daily lifestyle programmes on the tube recently. Apparently so amazing. Such a petite young lady looking after her grandma living in such a remote place amongst mountains, lakes and lots of greenery. Owning own fowl, vegetation with a huge land. Such a beautiful scenic view. So peaceful and so calm. Really awesome....

Just one word to desribe this young lady - a beautiful ANGEL

The only way to describe her is her amazing talents. Her quiet smiles, her hair and her beauty. Her skills. Her smartness. Her independence. Her love and filial towards her grandma. Her strength. Her calmness. Her contentment. Her bravery. Her knowledge.

I watched her daily trips to the forested areas to search for wild plants, flowers etc. She even build a handmade oven for her sister and also build a small pavillion for herself. She got a laptop and just follow the instructions. She also fix up her own handmade rouge and cosmetics. Collecting silkworms to make winter blankets and clothes for her grandma. Her sewing skills are fantastic. Plus making a reclining bamboo sofa for her grandfather and a tea table.

I really admired her cooking skills. You name any dishes and she can cook it. I like her kitchen area which is so spacious. I particularly like the washing area build from bamboo and running out clean clear water. So refreshing!

Well so much to write on her and it can go on and on and on... May God bless her and her grandma.

*After s long day's work, I used to watch her videos before I get to bed. Its like a therapy for me and I slept better and so well.

Everyone are welcome to log into her website. Its really really very very well done :
Iman Wong