Just hold on, the pain’s ending soon

H.O.P.E. - Hold On Pains End... that's how I always encouraged myself during my treatments fighting with Breast Cancer Stage 2 diagnosed on Oct 2015.

Now, despite considered remmission by the doctor on 10 Oct 2016, after almost a year fighting with this sudden illness came to me... I will still need to continue with the spirit to fight till the end, until the medication maintenance end for at least for 1 year more, until 2017.

I still could remember vividly when I was being diagnosed with this Big C, totally shocked and upset, "why it is me?", "I did no wrong"!... at that point of time, I cried for almost half a day, felt devastated and keep on thinking how will my life be in future, "am I going to die?"... hugging my beloved husband and both cried together and fears of what will comes next... thought of my young aged childrens, my aged parents, my husband, and also my career pathway... "I am still young, only age 33, why its me?"... Until the decision is made to go for the treatment and tell myself just listen to doctor's advise. Everything will be fine.

I started my 1st chemotheraphy in mid Dec 2015 and end in May 2016 for total 16 rounds of chemo sessions, everytime came to hospital with a normal heartbeat instead of anxious feeling, accompanied by husband and sometimes alone... with the positive and clear mind, always telling myself, "You will go through all the pains very soon"... "just hold on, the pains ending soon"... but it is just that pain that when the needles poke to your vein and then the drug that goes into my body, next is to deal with the side effects. Fortunately, I have been through quite smoothly. Thanks GOD!

After that, it is my surgery on Mid Jul 2016, going through mastectomy plus breast reconstruction. Again, I am survived with more confident, after that followed by the Radiation therapy for 25 sessions, everyday need to report to hospital for the radiation session. Finally, all sessions ended on the 10 Oct 2016. I was so delighted and felt very blessed that I am continuing stand still and live well. And my life become more beautiful and most important things live healthier than before.

Strong determination and perseverance is really a must, added with the morale support from family, friends, colleagues and also those people who not knowing you... the feeling and spirit to continue to conquer the obstacles will be stronger.

For those friends who is fighting with illness out there, please remember, it is just a while, it will not take so long, everything will be over soon... please always remind yourself. Be positive and optimistic... that's how I overcome it!

My name is Irene Poh, a young lady who still got lots of missions in my life that need to complete and fulfill... If I can do it, ypu can do it too... Cheers!

Just take a step at one time! TQ.
Irene Poh