Appreciate what you have and inspire others.

Hello everyone. My name is Ivy :)
I believe everyone have their own story of something no matter what. Either it's about love, family, problems or just anything !
These days I am stress for no reason for everything. Some human are just mean and being ungrateful. They don't see how much effort you put on towards them. But they do see your mistakes. They will tell you, "you've changed" but they didnt realise they're are the reason we have change. If we treat them the way they treat us, they would say thousands of negative comments towards us. If we're being ourselves, they will say "you're weird euw." That's how human is right now. Mindset change. Things change. Literally everything change now. Sometimes I admit i even wanting to kill myself just to get away from all of these shits. Sometimes I don't even know who are being real or who are being fake acting. It seems like everyone are the same. It's sucks but when I take my time to think about what is actually going on, I realise i'm just being a drama queen for taking something so seriously and to hard on myself.

What I'm trying to say is, no matter how hard life gets, think about something that actually motivates you to go through so far in your life. Yes, it's hard. But you gotta' realise life is short so think YOLO. Have faith in everything you do. WARNING : DO NOT GIVE IN OR GIVE UP ON SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY MAKES YOU, YOU. If something in your life is broken, think about it as a mirror. You can always buy a new mirror haha. About haters or fakers in your life, do realise that they are actually talking behind your back because you're in front of them. Get what I mean? Love yourself for who you are. You are perfect just the way you are. Apprieciate what you have and inspire others. :)

Love, Eling xoxo.
Ivy Ling