He already give me the love that I needed the most.

Tall, dark and handsome that is my dad. From being a big boss in one of the estate at Johor becomes an ordinary person doing sales in a small company. Just to make sure that he can be closer to his children. At first, the relationship between me and dad were never been close. I always hated my dad because of the way that he treated me. He always scolds and smacks me because of my naughtiness. He never shows me the kindness that he had. Although I’m the youngest in my family, he will always treat me the same as my brother and sister but I think more worst. The feeling is like he never loves me. When I became older and wiser I become closer to him. Every time I have a semester break I always have a chat with him. He always share with me his wisdom in life and encourage me to never give up in the field that I choose. He always say to me to be “ Istiqomah “ (steadfastness) in life. Always be patient, humble and hardworking in the obstacles that occur in life and also always be faithful to god (Allah S.W.T) because everything that u earns in this world is temporary but in the after world is the place that determine how faithful you are. But all of this sharing ends, when my dads pass away in 2012 after a few months I graduated in college. The news really hit me bad, I feel regret that I cannot even take care of him, I was busy achieving my dreams ignore him to go back home even thou I know that he was sick that time .I was delaying my time not to see him and continue finishing my job. After he passed away, I realise that from when I was young till I’m adult he already give me the love that I needed the most, the wisdom he gave to me became the person that I’m now and I feel that “THE BEST OF ME” came from my dad Aziz Bin Mohd Hashim.
Izzat Aziz