I did not know the price of a dream will cost that much.

I did not know the price of a dream will cost that much. Just a simple pursuit of an ideal, a hope, a eutopia conjured up by a fig of imagination.Like other aspiring entrepreneurs, I started my journey on foot walking on stony grounds while looking up into the night skies at the success stories that glitters amongst the stars.They were inspiring and gave the hope that if you dared, you can claim what you want.5 months later, my girlfriend whom I had loved deeply left me. My bank account remains only a fraction of what it was. My sanity teeters like a tight rope acrobat. My confidence level and self esteem has declared bankruptcy.And what of the dream?I was surprised at the fact that day after day, it still lingers. And that was when I know, it isn't just a dream anymore. If it was, I would have woken up after all that has happened. The pain would have woken me up. The inability to sleep or rest would keep me awake.The hurts have utterly and completely destroyed me, so why not this 'dream' too.But I am glad that with the faith that carried me on wings, I came to realized that this is the life that I am destined to live out.In Poverty or RichesIn Health or SicknessIn Fortune or MisfortuneI am not the best. But this is the best of me now and the best has yet to come.
J Solomon