A chance at a better future

My name is Jane. My husband passed away a few years ago and I have a daughter who is 10 years old. My daughter and I are Singapore Permanent Residents, and we do not have any relatives in Singapore. It has been very difficult to live here in Singapore as a single parent with limited income and support from my family.

My daughter’s school introduced me to LCCS in 2019 to help me in my employment. Through their program, I managed to get an interview with a company. However, I could not commit to a full-time employment as I was worried for my daughter’s safety. We were living in an open-rental flat with other tenants and I did not feel comfortable in leaving her to be alone at home. It was difficult to find a job that allowed me to be with my daughter at home.

As a single parent with no stable job, I faced with a lot of financial challenges. LCCS supported my daughter and I during these difficult times. There was a time when I was very concerned about my daughter as she was very weak in her studies, and I could not afford to send her to private tuition. LCCS helped me to find a sponsor to allow my daughter to attend a private group tuition. Since my daughter attended the tuition, her grades improved greatly, and she was listed as one of the finalists in her school Math Competition.

I decided to commit to a full-time job since June as my daughter and I have rented a new flat on our own without having the need to share with strangers. However, I was still worried about my daughter as with Covid-19, my daughter would spend a lot of time alone during Home-Based Learning and the June holidays. I expressed my concerns to my caseworker, and they provided a mentor to connect with my daughter. My daughter felt happy as she got  the opportunity to share her concerns about her studies and her feelings about her relationships around her.

I have been employed for close to 4 months now and I am working towards better future with my daughter. I am also on a saving scheme with LCCS that matches twice my monthly savings2. This helps me to save and have some money for my family in the future. I am thankful for my caseworker as she has supported my daughter and I through our difficult moments which made us feel that we are not alone.

[1] Names have been changed to retain the confidentiality of the individual [2] Amount contributed by LCCS is capped at $200 every month.

Established in 2002, Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) serves families with children and youths through developmental, preventive and intervention work. Our vision is to develop engaged individuals who build and sustain healthy relationships.

We have been a partner of the International Institute for Restorative Practices since March 2013, contributing to the growing practice and knowledge in restorative practices (RP), a social science that studies how to strengthen and repair relationships between individuals in communities. RP has a range of processes to deal with minor conflicts to more serious cases of harm that may require more intensive restorative interventions. RP is vital at enabling affected parties to share their stories and give them a voice.

At LCCS, we proactively build relationships in various communities to facilitate connectedness and ownership. Our aim is to heal the hurts and transform lives by creating new experiences through these restorative conversations. Thereby, encouraging empathy in the wider community to consider the impact of their words and actions on others.

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