Regards of suffering and enjoyment as a part of life.

Hi my name is Ng Swee Sim. I am 63 years old. I am also a retiree.

I am here to share with people about life in general. In the midst of our life, we encounter suffering as well as joy in our daily life. So the question is, why must it be so?

Regards of suffering and enjoyment as a part of life. We can actually change our situation by understanding our self and coming out to help others also. We can do so if we practice chanting "Nam Ho Ren Ge Kyo", which is found in the Lotus Sutra. Which is embodied in the practice of DaiShoNin buddhism. I am part of a buddhist organisation called Soka Gakai Malaysia. This organisation is involved in the propagation of world peace and it's leaders have constant dialogue with Goverment authorities and various NGOs around the world.

Basically, I chant to assist people to achieve their true potential, whereby it will lead to their ultimate happiness. Ultimately, this will empower individuals to proffess wisdom, confidence and courage to carry out their activities with great fortitude in achieving positive results every time.

We engage on a international front, we hold exhibitions to educate the public on the dangers of nuclear proliferetion. The world is actually a dangerous place if the authorities do not control the use of nuclear arms.

I practice this buddhism not for self but for others. We also hold peace initiative by having dialogue with Goverment authorities from time to time in Malaysia. We hold this dialogue with the hope of fostering mutual respect and understand so that the country benefit as a whole.
Jimmy Ng