I need to sacrifice to give them better future.

I love my family. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter and granddaughter. I am Joy and I am from Philippines province of Iloilo, a place that is a bit difficult if you have no good education and a good job. I belong to a middle class family sometimes we have money sometimes don't have but we are still happy as long we are together like my father said. My husband is working but it's not enough to support my family that's why I decided to work in Singapore to help to support my family.

My mind was torn in half whether to go or not because of my youngest son was only 10 years old when I left him and my family. He didn’t want me to know that he was crying but I could feel it because his body shook while he cried.

I tried to control myself but my heart felt like it was going to burst. On our last night, I did not sleep just so I could hug him and I cried because it was my flight the very next morning. In the airplane, I couldn’t stop crying of thinking him. But I had no choice - I need to sacrifice to give them better future, change our lives and give them a good education.

In 2000, I left Philippines to work in Singapore and working in Singapore is a big challenge for me. I didn’t know if I could do it.

Despite all those, I always prayed, think positive thoughts and never gave up. My only thought was that I was doing it for my children. And maybe, He answered my prayers because both employers that I got treated me well. I worked longer with my 2nd employer, a Chinese Malaysian with a good heart, who was understanding and very supportive. It’s been close to 15 years since I started working with her.

Working with her made my family’s lives change. She even helped me build my house, even with my family problems. When my father passed away, she helped me for the expenses.

She is the employer that is not selfish - she wants me to upgrade myself for my own good and for my future. She is a very inspiring woman, as she likes to help people. She is also the one encouraged me to join Aidha.

In 2008, I joined Aidha and graduated in 2009. My employer attended my graduation in INSEAD with my sister. After I graduated Aidha I became more confident with myself and learnt good communication skills, financial skills and how to spend money wisely.

It did not end there, I attended Aidha trainings for 6 months until I become a full intern/volunteer. I chose to do volunteer because I want to practice what I learned, get more ideas and knowledge to apply for my business in the future. I started my volunteer in 2010 until now and I'm happy to help students.

In Nov 2010, Aidha chose me as a Deputy Campus Manager to help the Campus Manager run the campus every Sunday and give information to new students.

I don’t believe that just because I’m a domestic worker, I can’t take on the job. Aidha has been a big help for me and other domestic workers to be a better person and taught me skills that are important to be your own boss in the future.

Most importantly, my 2 sons have just finished their studies and both working and helping me for the household expenses and my daughter has her own small provision shop in front of my house.

The best person for me is my employer Ms Ong Sok Chzeng!

Thank you and all the power to Best of You movement.
Jocelyn Mompal