Jomaine Seow

Llife is like a wheel.

Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom. And its okay!
Recalling back to a painful memory when I was at my age of 19, it was my STPM final year which I have to focus on study to make a score that could afford me to do further study later. This year was tough for me when I was diagnosed to have a severe skin allergic condition without given an effective mediatation treatment.
At first, my left hand's skin turn rough, it felt like crocodile skin and it seem like the skin pores were clogged. I thought it was not so serious and try to ignore what had seem to be a signal for me. I hold on the abnormal condition on my skin few days until I couldnt hold the impulsive anymore not to scratch on it. After that, condition turn worse, redness and itchiness first around the neck area spread to both hands, legs and stomach periodically.
Mummy took me to 3-4 different clinics to find out what had actually happened on me but no one can give me a cure to cease the disease. I felt sick for the pain I ve to suffered every night when I was trying to sleep but the neck felt like burning and made me sleepless nights. I even put on ice cubes around the neck area just to put myself to sleep in time. I was repeating the routines of having the medication cream all over the bodies and pretend there is nothing happened the next day and went on school as usual until one of my friend asked why is it you were wearing the same old jacket all day long and my answers first was the air con made me cold inside the classroom until the neck area get redness the day I couldnt hold the truth but to tell them that I am actually sick.
I was recovered in a month time and reach to a tougher period where I have to make all of the scars which exactly similar to burnt marks and get them recover to normal appearances as quickly as I wish. Everyone told me it takes 6 months or longer or maybe impossible to recover until I have tried the mederma, hydration cream and vit e cream all together at least three times a day everyday on my skin and miracle happens. The scars gone in 2 months time, leaving a 95% successing rates on my case.
From that moment on, I truly realized that beauty care and health is essential as wealth. Dont be neglected on those every little issues related to beauty care and health now or you may regret later that it should be noticed earlier.
Jomaine Seow