It feels like an additional member of the family.

Recently, my family adopted a small black and white stray dog. Or more like, it adopted us. We first came across this little fellow when it showed up in our driveway limping, but happily wagging it's tail. To us, it seemed to have a smiley face beckoning us to pat it. We took pity on this adorable creature and started feeding it. Over time, it got used to us and started sleeping in our back yard. It felt like it was looking for a family to love it. Everyone in the family just naturally took a liking towards this adorable dog, which had a big black spot covering one of it's eyes. We decided to name it 'Spotty'. Spotty has brought joy to our family. Not only because of its cheerful demeanor but the feeling that we have rescued a dog which deserved a loving home. Spotty greets us warmly every time we reach the front doorstep. We are so glad we took it in, and it feels like not just having a new pet, but an additional member of the family.
Julia Nair