Miniature Asian Chef.

When I was a child, I’ve never had an interest in Barbie or Lego, so my parents gave me a few miniatures to play with, and that fueled my interest in collecting miniatures. Over the years, my collection increased as I grew up and earned my own money to buy more. I’ve also always had a keen interest in art and craft.

It was three years ago. Upon realising that it was difficult to find tiny replicas of local food that were realistic, I tried to make my own miniature local food by hand using polymer clay and posted my works on social media. When my posts gained interest, I started a small business called Miniature Asian Chef to sell some of these creations to miniature collectors.

As the business gained awareness, some customers suggested that I make my creations into more practical items such as accessories. I converted some of the tiny food into accessories, and now I have a wide range of local food themed jewellery and accessories which appeals to different customers.

I find crafting very therapeutic, and it also gives me great joy to create something with my hands.

Miniature Asian Chef is also my small attempt at preserving and promoting Singapore’s national food heritage and culture. I hope that my handmade products would be able to preserve memories of the good old days and provide an insight to my future kids that these are what we grew up with. And most importantly, we must never forget our roots.

Fortunately for me, my parents have always believed in me. Especially my Papa.

He has always been the strongest anchor in my life, and we share the same stubborn and “cannot say die” character.

I’ll always remember what he said to me during one of our conversations.

"No one owes you a living."

It was such a simple statement, but so true. Whenever I stumble, I will remember this statement and gather the courage and strength to overcome the obstacle.

As I devote more time to Miniature Asian Chef and my married life now, I have lesser opportunities to have long conversations with Papa. I cherish whatever time I have with him now, as he grows older every year.

To my Papa and Mummy, I take pride in knowing that you’re proud of me. And thank you for your unwavering love and support.