What does it really mean for who is the best of you?

I am one of the crew working for this event at City Square, Johor Bahru. At the first, I don't really get what does it really mean for who is best of you? And, I explain this event to the crowd, i can't really tell them what are going to do with this event and why we do this for. I try to read the story that are displayed in the exhibition and finally get to know why Julie's initiate doing this . In my knowledge, it is a platform provided to everyone to let them share their story or experience, even the thing which means the best of them. It can be a person, matter, incident, or even a pet also can.

Once they get to write stories, they will be displayed on the wall in our area. If the stories are meaningful, they will be selected and get to the next exhibition place. Furthermore, they could stand a chance to film their story into a short videos, this will be shared in our website.

In this event, people will slow down the path to have a look on our story and arts, start to think about the person of their life which makes to become the person you right now. This is the moment for them beginning appreciate and cherish their loves ones and surrounding people. This is actually what we want for, come out and share it out the stories. Their story might also change the reader's mind and perspective, even their life also.
Jun Ren Tan