The happiest of me from the heart.

There was a real story was happen few years ago when i was sent in my car for normal service at Proton Service Centre, Shah Alam on Saturday morning.

As usual, the serviceman will call me after car ready for collection. I remembered i 'm the last person to collect the car key at payment collection counter. When i reached there, in front of counter still left a Malay taxi man is paying his bill and i overheard he was short of few dollars and unable to collect the car key.

After the Malay man discussed with the count people in charge but unlikely they still do not want to release his car. I saw the taxi man's face turned into worries and some more took out all the small coin from his two pockets but there is still short of RM10.80.

He was so panic and sad at that moment, immediately i walked to in front of the counter and took out the money to settle for him and told him not to worry; the car can be released now.

He was felt surprised, happy with thanks to me and go off.

I was thinking no doubt it’s a small favour but it's smooth out the worriness of him and then can continue to work on for extra income on that day !

That is not 'the best of you' but 'the happiest of me from the heart' !
June KJ Lee