Baby J's will to battle cancer.

Inspired by Baby J's will to battle cancer .....

Baby J was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia two months after birth, complicated by a chronic lung disease. After several rounds of chemo and countless hospital stays and visits, she is now in remission. Her determination to fight the disease is helped by her mummy's and family's TLC.

Although she is now cancer-free, she still require close monitoring and regular hospital check-ups. In addition, Baby J needs to continue to grow and strengthen her immune system. Her daily nutrition includes high-protein milk and this cost about RM300 a month.

Baby J's daddy is a car mechanic while mummy is a full-time housewife. She has two older siblings, a 11 yr old sister and 8 yr old brother, both of whom adores her. The family lives in their granny’s house together with their cousins. Her daddy's income is definitely not enough to support the family, let alone a child who needs extra care.

When I learn about the family's predicament, I visited the family in Jan 2014. Together with my sister, we happily offered to pay for her milk supplies. This cost each of us only RM5 a day but what a difference this small contribution made to Baby J's health. After more than 2 years, it is so gratifying to see that Baby J's condition has improved. She looks healthy and happy, as how a 4-year old toddler should be. She now goes to a play school in the afternoons, interacting with other children to build her immunity.

Learnt from this experience that no battle is too difficult to fight. I also feel blessed to be a small part of Baby J's recovery and progress. No matter how small or little we are able to help, as long as it is done with love and compassion, it will have a positive impact. Baby J inspires me to do good in small ways with great love...

Baby J, the Best Of Me:)