Women, in all shapes and form inspires me everyday.

Growing up, I was thrown into a fascinating world of travel and fabrics. My mum was a huge fan of fabrics and its processes and she brought me along her journeys. I remembered watching workers hand-painting batik, dyeing cloths, mixing colors. It was amazing. Im very certain those experiences made me who I am today, a fashion designer who is obsessed with fabrics and prints.

After a almost 2 years of hiatus and recollecting myself, I realized that my purpose has been right in front of me when I look into the mirror, for the last 29 years. Being a plus size woman my entire life, I realized that ive always had issues with clothes and how horribly they fit. I absolutely love dressing up and looking fierce but locally there isn’t anyone who has given me and my other curvy ladies outlets to express our inner queen. There are some fast fashion brands that I could squeeze my 38 inch waist into but id just end up looking like the dumpling that you left out too long, moist and not very delectable.

So ive decided to rebrand my already existing fashion label to a plus size label. Ive always been an advocate when it comes to body positive movements. Ive used real women in my shows and campaigns and even though KAE HANA wasn’t known as a plus size label, the sizes were bigger than most. I feel that this is the most organic evolution for my label.

I want to first and foremost educate my consumers that being plus size doesn’t mean you’d have to hide your body behind layers and multiple shades of black. Then, id like women to know that they are absolutely amazing no matter their size. They could be a size 0 or a size 28 and still be absolutely stunning.

Im not here to save the world, the women I know, can single handedly save the world and still be home to cook dinner. Im here to give them something kick-ass to wear, whilst they are out saving the world.

Women, in all shapes and form inspire me everyday, like most creatives, i have a drawer of all the things i’ve seen stored safely in my head and i revisit it from to time to time. In my ‘drawer’ the people ive spoken to, the places that ive seen, the foods that ive tasted, the people ive laughed with, the people I get into trouble with, the women whom ive held hands with, the LGBTQ community, the boss ass women, my mum and late grandmother, who ran the entire household with an iron fist, my best friends, who grew up to be the best women I know, the women in my family who against adversity, they not only strive, they prosper. Basically, if ive ever shaken your hands or given you a hug, you’re in that ‘drawer’.

I am a culmination of everyone I’ve ever came across, I am a smorgasbord of stories, I am you, as you are me and that, brings out the best of me.
Kae Hana