Pass The Torch

The COVID-19 pandemic left many feeling socially isolated as the circuit breaker was previously implemented to enhance social distancing. Many individuals and families, if not information and technology savvy, might feel lost and disconnected from the community and helpless during this trying time.

Mdm Fauziah and Mdm Kavitha are neighbours who have been matched by KampungKakis as buddies in a buddy system which has been crucial during this COVID-19 crisis.

Mdm Kavitha, a friendly kaki volunteer, has been providing Mdm Fauziah moral and emotional support through regular phone calls and sharing food. She also assisted Mdm Fauziah’s family by helping them navigate community resources that were distributed during the pandemic and circuit breaker.

Mdm Fauziah’s feelings of isolation and loneliness were effectively dissipated and was inspired to pass the torch on in the future, emulating Mdm Kavitha’s kind-hearted ways.

Mdm Fauziah recalls acts of Mdm Kavitha warmly:

“I’m very grateful to Mdm Kavitha and KampungKakis who have come forward to support me during this difficult time. I feel less lonely and isolated during this difficult time.

I hope to be able to help other neighbours in future as well, by baking cookies and giving out to them.

That is my dream.”

In collaboration with KampungKakis, the Pillars of Support Series presents stories of everyday Singaporeans who demonstrate the strength and impact of individuals when we act, and boldly reimagine and recreate the Singapore we wish to see beyond our individual backgrounds. It speaks of the the relationships we have, the celebration of our shared strength, adaptability and our never-say-die attitudes, and what it truly means to be a Singaporean.

KampungKakis is a neighbourhood buddy system platform that matches residents who need help and those who are willing to help a neighbour based on proximity and needs.

For more information about KampungKakis, visit their website at https://kampungkakis.org/.