Amid worrying news of COVID-19 and rising restrictions in Singapore, a simple, heartwarming act of love and kindness could make a whole world of difference. Two neighbours, Mr Lim and Ms Hazwani, were matched as buddies by KampungKakis and overcame difficulties together.  

Mr Lim extended help toward the young mother, who is the sole carer for a family of five, by way of financial support and career guidance.

Not stopping at that, Mr Lim even involved his friend to help Ms Hazwani with job seeking. His kind assistance alleviated the emotional stresses and helped the family of five out of their financial woes. Anyone who comes to know of Mr Lim’s servitude would certainly feel his heart in it and better know this kampung spirit that could meld Singaporeans together better, regardless of differences in background, gender or ethnicity.

Recounting his interactions with Ms Hazwani:

“Over the past 3 weeks or so my friend, who is also trying to help her find a job, and I lent her some cash. I send her EID greetings ytd (yesterday) and she replied twice, the second time with a smiley emoji.

Besides money, I think the young lady would need help and possibly emotional support to run the family and care for her children. It’s quite a predicament she is in and she seemed cheerful but I sense some tiredness in her. It’s a bit hard for me as a man to relate to her but I will try.”

In collaboration with KampungKakis, the Pillars of Support Series presents stories of everyday Singaporeans who demonstrate the strength and impact of individuals when we act, and boldly reimagine and recreate the Singapore we wish to see beyond our individual backgrounds. It speaks of the the relationships we have, the celebration of our shared strength, adaptability and our never-say-die attitudes, and what it truly means to be a Singaporean.

KampungKakis is a neighbourhood buddy system platform that matches residents who need help and those who are willing to help a neighbour based on proximity and needs.

For more information about KampungKakis, visit their website at https://kampungkakis.org/.