I want to create a story that will connect and heavily impact someone’s life for the greater good.

I use character design as a means of communicating messages on the beauty of diversity and unity through equality. I believe how a person projects themselves can tell a lot about their personality and I use that in creating my own characters.

I then makes up back stories for these characters to send a grand message that will unfold in the coming future in the form of street art, paintings, illustrations, comics, sculpture and even poetry.

I draw inspiration from many sources, be it anime, manga, comics, cartoons, toys, history, mythology, movies, stand up comedy, art, locations, conversations, popular culture, and the list goes on, as long as they have a story to discover.

What I find interesting about all the above, is how the stories are told and how by diving deeper, you get to connect and find relevance, enlarge your empathy, and even acquire life lessons.

It has shaped me to who I am now and I too, want to do that. I want to create a story that will connect and heavily impact someone's life for the greater good.

So dive deeper into my artworks, search beyond the surface and get to know my characters. Fall in love with them, journey with them and I hope you find something when all of this comes to an end.