A citizen of the world.

I was born in Malaysia. My Dad, Malaysian and Mum, Singaporean. When I was about fours years old (or thereabouts), the family moved to Singapore. I grew up in Singapore. I studied, worked, married and had my children in Singapore. Then my husband got a job in Hong Kong and so we were relocated and spent 18 years living there. My husband and I decided to "retire" to Melaka, Malaysia. I have finally returned to my country of origin. But I keep getting asked, "Where are you from?" If I had a ringgit for every time I was asked that, I would be quite rich! It is a simple question. But the answer is not as straight forward though. Where am I from? I could say, Malaysia, since I was born here. But I've only really lived here for the past 6 years. I could say Singapore because I did grow up there, spending my most formative years there. I could say Hong Kong because most of my adult life was spent there. The world has become much smaller and I am sure there are many people with my experience. So, where are we all from? I would very much like to reply, "I am from the heart of humanity, living in the now." But I reckon, I would get even more puzzled reactions if I said that! So, odd as it may sound, my answer varies depending on who is asking the question. What does this have to do with "The Best Of You", you may wonder. It shouldn't matter where anyone is from really, in my humble opinion. I just wanted to say, I want to live in the now and be as best as I can be for my community and country. If you're like me, having moved from place to place, we're citizens of the world, no less. So, "Where are you from?" My response, "Planet Earth". :)
Karen Alcantra