It was unsafe for me to stay in a turbulent home situation

“Whenever I felt upset, the mentors were always available to talk to me and listen to me, even when we treated them harshly. They were there to reassure me that the flashbacks are in the past and I am now in a safe place.”

When I was 18 years old, I was referred to HCSA DRTC by a child protection officer as it was unsafe for me to stay in a turbulent home situation. I was relieved for the change in environment as I was due to take my ‘O’ Level examinations that year.

During my time at HCSA DRTC, I learnt how to articulate my feelings in a more positive manner instead of acting out and making impulsive decisions. I have also actively put the grounding techniques I was taught into practice, which has enabled me to reduce the instances of dissociating, and gradually overcome my trauma.

I appreciate how encouraging the mentors were throughout my entire journey at HCSA DRTC as they always kept me grounded when I had my periods of dissociating. Under their care and guidance, I eventually graduated from HCSA DRTC after a year and a half in the programme.

I also believe that I have grown in my ability to manage my emotions, and I am proud of my progress. Today, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Nursing to become an advanced practice nurse.

HCSA Community Services (HCSA) is a charitable organisation with the Institution of Public Character (IPC) status and a member of the National Council of Social Service. As a family of dedicated staff, volunteer teams, corporate and community partners, we continue to serve some of the most vulnerable in society, to give them a future and a hope. Our beneficiaries include vulnerable individuals such as ex-offenders, single parents facing limited support, and teenage girls who have suffered the complex trauma of abuse.