Kee Wai Wong

The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

As the quote says: This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

A man with his colourful dream, always willing to chase the beauty of art. Everything comes with unique and creative way, because to him everything is an art. Transform something towards something.
3 years old, started to learnt arts. His mum knew what's he love. The way of expression in art so much till one day he grew up and became an artist. Loves to draw, draw and draw. Because of ART. It brings joy and love.
Dream always a dream. But to fulfill it, always need an action. He's started to realized his art brings joy and wanted to inspire more and more people especially young children. And his first start- up putting so much effort to taught this little young artist became a reality.

I'm Kee Wai Wong, let's share the joy and passion of arts.

Collage of my combinations artworks, and teaching lesson with the little artists.
Kee Wai Wong