Looking back, it was a wise decision for me.

i was working for a couple of years in in a bank in my country after my bachelors, the salary and allowances was very good. after some time i feel that my job is just monotonous. i decided to go for further studies abroad, though, everyone (my parent, friends and relatives) don't like the idea of resigning from work in other to go for further studies, however, i insisted. This led me to come to Malaysia 2 years ago, today, looking back it was a wise decision for me, going for this Phd studies have widen my intellectual scope and global opportunities. With my new exposure and knowledge, i realized that quitting a job in bank and moving on to something that gives me joy, freedom and opportunity to contribute to the world in a larger scale. I realized that fear of the unknown, not having a strong purpose and living your life to satisfy others or society expectation is the major factors that hinder people from following their dream and realizing their full potential.
Kennedy Eze