Keep falling, but get back up stronger each time.

Having suffer from severe eczema since I was in primary 5, I never actually had any good days. In secondary school, I would go to school in my physical education dry fit. Being the only exception in the whole school to be able to wear it everyday, I felt like a king. Yet I would constantly be paranoid if someone looks at me in a weird way. I never had any good bathes, I had to use cold water all the time and it would still be painful. Sometimes I cry while bathing while others I would clinch my fist and shiver as the pain took control of me. My parents had spent over half of their fortune going to different clinics asking if there's a treatment. Some days I wished I was never bornt. Some days I pray to God to let this be gone.

But throughout this ordeal, I would find out that there are friends, real friends, telling you ' Hey its okay I won't mind you scratching or your redish face'. I would find out that in life , obstacles are what made us strong. We wont realise that life isn't that difficult until being strong is the only option. Although I still have eczema, I never stopped encouraging people to stay strong in bad times. Never stop giving up in life even it means falling down 700 hundred times. Because you never know if the 701th times getting up is the moment for you. Keep falling, but get back up stronger each time.
Kenny Tay