Please do appreciate while you still can.

I'm Kevin and I have a really good life, a bunch of good friends and also family. What I wanted to say is that everything in my life seems too good to be true. Whenever I need help, all I need to do is just a one call away and this has made me start to take things for granted. The help that I refer come in many forms - financial, manpower and etc. Sometimes I really wish that I can turn back time in order for me to appreciate those that have help me in the past. When I look back, I really wish that I have not done such thing to hurt them but reality is that there's no such thing called the 'Time Machine'. No matter how good I'm now or how perfect I'm in the future, it won't change anything that happened. I really hope that for those who is reading this, please do appreciate while you still can and please do not wish to have a second chance and do not take things for granted. A lots of people know about this but how many of you really apply this in your daily life. Is just the same like a criminal that he or she knows it is wrong to commit a crime but he or she still does it. In life, we know what is wrong and what is right but a lots of time we will get confuse. Stop and think, don't runaway from problems because you can't run forever. Appreciate while you still can, I'm a better person now but those important things that ever happened to you before, it won't be back anymore. Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experience. Who is the best of me? The best of me are those people I meet daily and from now, I promise myself to appreciate everything single things that ever appear in my life because life is too short to have regret. Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Kevin Wong