Kirtanraw was born with Asperger.

Kirtanraw was born with Asperger. His parents realized that his development has always been slower compared to his peers even at the early stage of his childhood. And due to the lack of awareness and information on Asperger/autism spectrum back in those days, they were not able to get a confirmed diagnosis until he was the age of 16.

All these while, he has been facing learning difficulties and having problems socializing with his schoolmates; frequently being side-lined and misunderstood by his peers. When he turned the age of 15 (form 3) he decided to quit his formal education and told his dad that he wanted to be an artist.

He wanted to be an artist with a vision; his dream is to become a famous artist by the year 2030. He wants to bring the message of hope, reach out, and influence the people from around the world through his work of art.

Since young, he has always been into 2D and 3D pencil drawings and sketching. He has also picked up some oil painting skills along the way.

Most of his paintings are created through his imagination. He does paintings on scenery, abstract art, portraits and more. He has done more than 100 over paintings over the years and has participated in a few art exhibitions since last year.

He had his first solo exhibition last year at the Island Gallery Penang. Through the exhibition, he managed to sell 4 of his paintings and donated 50% of the profit to the BOLD ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, giving back to his community.

His family has always been the best of him; they are always there to support him, educate him and together they will overcome all the hardship in life as one, one strong family.