Kittie Yiyi

Passion had led me to what I am today.

I'm a fashion designer. As common sense, people always think this is a glamour job, making new clothes and wearing nice dresses meeting beautiful people in beautiful places. Yes, it is beautiful. But there are always many hard and tough road behind all the successful stories. No matter how hard it is, I trust that passion had lead me to what I am today.

I am always grateful to be surrounded by great people. But there are two great people which I am truly appreciate and thankful! Of course, they are my dad and mom...I'm not born in a rich family, but I am always rebellious for my dreams. I don't care whether my parents say yes or no. I want what I want! Until now, I couldn't believe my parents had allowed me to study in Fashion course. I know.. my parents don't have sufficient money for this glamour course. But no matter how hard it is, they find money to pay for my course. To my dad, education is really important. So yes.. I had finally finish my studies in fashion course which one of the desirable course by many people.

I definitely will not give up on what I'm doing now even though I am encountering many difficulties now. I trust that there's a solution for everything!

Thank god for giving me a good family. Thanks dad and mom! You guys had brings out the best of me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! A LOT!!! <3
Kittie Yiyi