My subordinate, Safuan.

For this round of the best of me, I would like to talk about my subordinate, Safuan. He joined SFM since year 2012. Among all the assistant millers, he has the best performance based on my observation. He is a trustworthy and responsible person. I rarely worried about the tasks that I handed to him. He often able to deliver results that exceeded my expectation. His working attitude is what I wish the other production assistant could learn from so that we will have a better performing and stronger team. I do hope our company is able to retain such staff as he is a very potential miller-to-be or else it will be a great loss to our production team.

On my part, I will take extra responsibilities to share my knowledge and assist him to gain more experience and sharpen his skills so that one-day, he will gain recognition and be promoted by the company... that I think will be "The Best of You' in helping others to be successful..
Koh WH