He is my bestfriend, my husband.

How can I say 'thank you' to the one person who had the biggest impact in my life? Mere words are not enough.
We grew up together, we dreamed together, we shared so many experiences.
He filled so many roles in my life: adventure buddy; exercise coach; chef; handyman.
He is my encourager, always there to push me to do the things that I am scared to do.
He's my loyal fan, the first person to clap for me or take pictures of me, as I explore myself and my capabilities.
He's the shoulder that I cry on, the first person that I call whenever I have a problem.
He brings out the Best of Me, yet he's not perfect... he even brings out the worst of me.
Some people would spend almost a lifetime looking for that perfect person for them.
In their mind, they have this idea of what that special someone looks like.
No one is perfect... but there is some one out there who will be perfect for you.
He is 'my person', the one who is perfectly imperfect for all my imperfections.
It was not luck that brought him into my life, it was divine guidance.
I thank God everyday, He brought him early in my life. I am not who I am if not for him.
He is my best friend, my husband... He is The Best of Me.
Laida Aquino