About Delwin Cheah.

About Delwin Cheah
A day dreamer who likes to dream big dreams where he would like to share his never ending story with the world.His journey has touched many heart of world leaders where his artistic talents turned him from ordinary boy to celebrity artist which was quoted by one of the local media.

Penang born, Delwin Cheah was diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome at the age of 5 years old and had scored non-verbal IQ test at 114 which is higher than average.Despite his condition,he is gifted in the area of arts and holds numerous records for his contribution to his community and nation.

When he was at the age of 8 years old, his talents in art had caught the attention of Dr.Rosa Martinez who is the President in Strokes of Genius (New York). This renowned world organisation is collecting savant’s artworks all over the world and empowering their artist with their abilities.

His special skills also brought him to meet up with One East Museum founder, Mr Ch’ng Huck Theng who is also a curator himself. With his help, Delwin Cheah’s first solo art exhibition was born and his achievement over 70 pieces of paintings in the exhibition had made him the first nation savant artist to hold a World Record as ” Youngest Savant Artist to hold Solo Art Exhibition” which was awarded by Record Setter USA and also won Malaysia Book of Records as “Youngest Artist (ASD) to hold Solo Art Exhibition”. He also won the best award in art category in the year of 2014.

“I ' M P O S S I B LE ” which was quoted by one of the motivation guru had drove Delwin to achieve further. Nobody ever thought that his earlier artworks which was printed in a coffee table book called “I can draw” has landed in the White House somehow by unknown source.The family were surprised that Delwin’s talent was praised by the President Mr.Barack Obama of USA who had personally signed two letters of recognisation to him.In his letter,the President asked Delwin to set high aims and dream big dreaming. The breaking news went viral all over the world on August 2014 and then in the month of February of 2015, another feather added to his cap.Delwin Cheah received another surprise letter from the Buckingham Palace and this time it was Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who is interested to learn about the achievement of Delwin’s artistic works.

Since young,Delwin loves nature and endangered animals.With his perseverance of supporting wild life,he had partnered with WWF Malaysia to design a “Malayan Tiger” on limited edition t-shirts to raise fund for the world largest conservation of nature NGO and also to create an awareness of endangered animals. His never ending story will continue to inspire more affected families to believe that they can do it if they are work hard and never give up.
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