Lawrence Tan

My children are my proudest achievement.

My children bring out the best in me. They are my proudest achievement. As long as my children are good and well, I am happy for them.

Actually I am reaching the retirement age, but I still have no plans for retirement because my children are mostly schooling. I have to support them no matter what.

I am working as a senior supervisor at a water treatment company and I have been working there for over thirty years. My company frequently sent me overseas when my children were small and I spent very little time with them. Going overseas pays more and I had to earn more money to support my family.

I don’t regret my decision because my children understand why I am always overseas. My wife does a good job bringing them up and they are all very understanding and filial children.

During my 60th birthday, they still brought me out to this Hokkien restaurant at Jurong East because I like the food there. My siblings often praised them because they are respectful and understanding. I am very proud to have them as my children, and that is why I work hard to support them. No matter what, family is most important.
Lawrence Tan