Studying at AIDHA.

The best story of my life

I’ve been working at Singapore around 6 years, first time I came here it was stressful for me, I couldn’t take my day off and neither could I use the phone as well. Right after my contract finished, I went back, and felt afraid to work at Singapore again. However, after staying at home I felt sad to see nobody supporting my parents or to pay for my brother’s education. Yet, they didn’t allow me to continue working in Singapore for fear that I get the same kind of employer. I told them, maybe the next time I will get a better employer and I can make my dream come true to continue education. Finally, I worked at Singapore again and got a better employer. At first, they did not give me an off day but I asked them again and told them about my dream. I was sharing that I want to study again, it’s was really happy for me they support me to study at AIDHA.

I learnt lot of new thing and enjoy not only just study but can make new friendship with other student. Aidha is a good platform to domestic helpers in Singapore to make our dream come true. I have more idea to the next what should I do after go back to Indonesia. I dream to open an English club at my town. I want help other kids learn how to speak English. Before I studied at AIDHA, I had lost my confidence, but right now I can be confident and am creating my better future. I hope that other employers also allow their helper and support us to make our dream come true.

It’s not just about education, but how hard to fight for success. I always tell myself success is on my hand and does not depend on other people. To all my friends, please don’t give up in creating our better future and don’t lose our hope, try to work hard and fight for the best future. Maybe now are we just domestic workers, but we don’t know what may happen to us, so keep learning and be positive. Share our knowledge to other people so they also can learn from us to be better person.