Leong Tat Yuen


I developed the passion for photography since 2014. I started taking pictures as a hobby.
Photographs gave me the ability to capture and freeze those precious and meaningful moments in life. Those fleeting memories that happen only once in a lifetime can be documented and preserved with great joy for recollection. They add to the meaning of one's life in action but each shot frozen in time.
Like other great inventions, photography enjoys advancement in technology being exceptionally fast in the 20th and 21st century.
Photography with technological advancements has benefitted mankind in keeping the core value of tradition and yet with good images that we can always enjoy. In fact, digital technology has a double impact on the cultural identity of the young generation. It has blended a modern art form with traditions and cultures.

The youth of today in taking up photography is the future artists of tomorrow supporting cultural pillars of our nation. They are the new generation open minded to accept new knowledge and new thinking, yet not forgetting the core value of traditions that build up civilisation. It is with indisputable fact that our photographic society will contribute a soul of core values of art enjoyment in the community.

Picture Captions:
Last Man Standing - The Last Wooden Barrel Crafter

For hundreds of years, barrels have been used for shipping and storage of many essential commodities. With the advent of modern technology, usage of wooden barrels as a form of storage has gradually faded from the public eye. Yet there is one such man who persists in his art, continuing his barrel-making despite tough times. As the last and only wooden barrel crafter in Melaka, he has been tirelessly making wooden barrels by hand throughout his lifetime. This intangible cultural heritage in Melaka can’t simply be replaced. It is time to save our vanishing heritage before they are gone forever.
Leong Tat Yuen