Lim Jun Pei

Nobody can claim to be successful without the help of others.

I recently listened to a song by local singer Lin Jun Jie titled "Twilight" and found that the music video resonates very much with me. The music video is a tribute to the "everyday man" and demonstrates how everyone is capable of doing extra-ordinary deeds when faced with extra-ordinary situations.

I feel that nobody can claim to be successful without the help of others and in many instances, help received is not explicit, is subtle, yet influences us in ways that we may not even be aware of. In course of my journey as a physician, I have encountered numerous patients and their caregivers, and have been touched countless times by their resilience, their spirit and their love for each other. They inspire me to continue to put in my best in caring for the frail and the vulnerable in our society, and walk through with them in their life journey. I have also had counsel from inspiring seniors and shared my woes with my peers who are ever ready to lend a listening ear.

As such, the best of me is not about me.... but is about everyone I have encountered, and how these interactions have moulded me to be who I am now...

This passage is a tribute to them.

Dr Lim Jun Pei, Senior Resident Doctor, Geriatric Medicine
Lim Jun Pei