The hidden good.

It has been an incredible journey thus far, and I have not regretted my choice a bit of joining this big family. The Hidden Good is filled with many wonderful people from different walk of lives and it is very eye opening to interact with people, and to hear about their experiences. It has been very inspirational and motivating during every meeting or events we had, and it makes me feel good, warm and fuzzy inside. It is like a tool of empowerment that makes us feel stronger and optimistic about our world and society. We kind of do the unbelievable, or things that are probably deemed too embarrassing and awkward by many. Many of the ideas that are unconventional or just crazy, can be made into reality here as well! We are spontaneous, funny and these things we do is really enough to brighten my day up, feel good and inspired to spread the joy and laughter to even more people. It made me feel confident and happy to communicate with people who believe in the same vision, or do it for a similar purpose as well. This has brought out many self realization in me, and I'm still anticipating and hyped up for many more experiences to come along my way!