Yeye is the best version of M.E (My Everything).

It’s been 2 years plus since my Yeye (paternal grandpa) left for a better place. But he has never ever left my heart. When someone dear to us passes on, all that are left behind are the memories… This picture was captured three weeks before Yeye left us. It’s the last and also my favourite picture of us because despite being frail, he managed to wear a smile on his pale face. At that moment, I just got back to Penang from KL to celebrate my aunt’s 50th birthday. Little did I know that would the final time I’m seeing him, and the only regret I had was the unsaid goodbye….

Yeye is the best version of M.E (My Everything) because he was and he still is the reason our family unites as one. During any festivals or family occasions like Chinese New Year, Father’s Day and birthdays, my family from all walks of life would gather and celebrate these special days together. Because of Yeye, I've learnt the importance of upholding the value of filial piety. Nothing in this world should stand above our family, simply because we are bound by an unbreakable blood tie. Hence, when Yeye left, I was honestly sceptical about the frequency of our future family gatherings. But my doubt has gladly proven me wrong because up till today, our familial bond only gets stronger and no matter how busy life gets, we still make time for some quality moments spent together. I also realise we capture more pictures now than before. Perhaps, it’s true that we learn to cherish the presence even more once we’ve experienced the absence of someone or something close to our heart.

When Yeye was still alive, he often reminded me to study hard and to excel in my studies because he’s a strong believer that education can change someone’s life. Though he didn’t say it in my face, I knew there were times when he would boast about my achievements in front of my family members. I wish Yeye was physically there to witness my graduation ceremony back in July this year, but I could only tell him in my prayers that I finally graduated with a First-Class Honours for my bachelor’s degree. As of now, I aspire to continue my education journey in pursuing my Master’s degree for I know in my heart of hearts that it’s what Yeye would want of me too; to keep showing the world the best version of myself.

The hero of my family,
He is whom I would call my Yeye, proudly,
Even when he’s gone, he’s still a legacy.

Behind every picture of us, there is a story,
Every moment captured turns into a sweet memory,
Sadly, I never got to say to you my last goodbye,
That’s the only regret which I’ll carry till I die.

You’d been a superb father, grandfather and greatgrandfather,
Every teaching of yours, I’ll remember,
You’ve brought the family together,
Even when you’re not here, you still live in my heart forever.
Looi Kah Yoke