Queen of my heart.

Queen of My Heart

She is the Queen of my heart. She is whom I proudly call Popo. Popo is not only my pillar of strength but she is also my role model. I always admire her tenacity and her independent nature. Popo was the one who raised me when I was a toddler. After the demise of my beloved maternal grandpa which served as a wake up call for me, I learnt to cherish Popo even more because I know that the past can never return but the future may fulfill the loss I've felt. Whenever I lose hope or encounter setbacks in life, Popo will always lift my spirit with her words of encouragement which are laced with a touch of tenderness, love and compassion. She is also a really good listener as she doesn't mind listening to my endless stories though I'm deemed as the chatterbox in our family. Owing to the fact that I'm living away from home due to my studies, I pounce at every opportunity I have to return home during my semester break. After all, home is where my heart lies. Always have. Always will. And Popo has never failed to welcome me back with her ever so scrumptious signature homemade dishes such as 'yao yu chao' a.k.a 'jiu hu char' (a dish of stir fried jicama with carrots, dried Shiitake mushroom and normally eaten wrapped with fresh lettuce leaves) and 'mui choy' (preserved mustard greens with three layered pork) which are my all-time favourites. Popo has taught me to be a more reliable and responsible person in life. She is a pure blessing and she totally deserves the best of me because without her, I wasn't even good to begin with.
Looi Kah Yoke