There's no victory without adversity.

What brings out the best in me is competition – competing at something, being the best at what I do and to win. Who brings out the best in me would be my family because there’s a lot that was sacrificed for me and they’ve done a lot for me. There’s a strong desire to give back more because that will provide a sense of recognition, significance and it really feels great to give back. So that’s who brings the best out of me. And when I say family, I mean my mum and dad.

I’m a network marketer and I work with this company called ‘Send Out Cards’. Basically, the company stands for gratitude and reaching out to people with kindness. So, I work with them to spread their message, to help them spread the word. To be an evangelist, if you will call that. But what motivates me the most is when I work with my team, because I recruit people to work with me – that’s part of network marketing. It’s giving out the opportunity to also create a network marketing success for themselves and create financial freedom for themselves. So the greatest part of my work is when I work with young people, who don’t have much clarity and goals for their future. When they get on this journey, it opens up new possibilities and windows for them – something to look forward to and a platform for them to grow. Seeing that and experiencing that is really what motivates me to do what I do.

We all have tough days. Either you’re going to let it take you out or fight against it. I’m a very competitive guy and I just like to win. There’s no victory without adversity. There's no celebration without some challenges. Whenever there are some challenges, it's an opportunity to win, and to figure out how to win. And it’s an opportunity to beat whatever that obstacle is and be victorious. So when challenges come my way, I just see that as an opportunity to win and sometimes that can be hard, frustrating and look daunting but that desire to win always drives me to face it and make it happen. A lot of people will give up but I don’t see much satisfaction in that. And I think there’s a lot more life has to offer you when you take on challenges.
Lorenzo Ferdinands