Lotus Ho

Things happen for a reason

As the saying goes "Things happens for a reason".... or does it? Maybe it does ...
For the past few years, my boy didn't have the heart to study. No matter how many 1 to 1 talks we had, no matter how I nagged at him, no matter how many tuition Teachers we go through, trying to find the right fit for him. Still, nothing "clicked" 'his mind. His heart was not into studying.
Then suddenly, last year after his SA1 results came back with the usual marginal results. Something "clicked" inside him, he told me wanted to study, he set his own timetable on his routine on how and when he is going to study. And he did exactly what he planned to do.
Somehow, his Teachers saw him putting in the effort and encouraged him along. I encouraged him along. My boy has finally grown up. Frankly speaking, I was on the verge of giving up. Call me a bad parent if you want, I basically let him do whatever he wants. ... within my limited resources.
I am not saying my method is the best method. Because along the way, he met with great mentors who encouraged him and were good role models for him.
Maybe, things do happen for a reason, if he didn't see what results he had the past years then maybe he wouldn't have "clicked"...
He got "Excellence" Award last year.
So Thank God for that.
Lotus Ho