Witnessing other people doing good.

The other time when my colleague Benjamin and I went to eat at a food center, we saw a guy who was in a wheelchair who wanted to go to the washroom. So Benjamin was really nice, he helped the guy on the wheelchair to the toilet. We didn’t realise that it was a long journey when we started but we continued all the way and then after that, helped the guy (get) back to the area. It was something good that he did. My colleague could spend some of his time to help in the guy in the wheelchair, and all of us could put in some effort to help others. I thought that was really nice of him. Seeing people do something good makes you want to do something good yourself too, so I think when we see evidence of others doing something, they are positive role models. When there are more good things happening, people would genuinely want to do good. People generally are good people but they are too lazy or they forget to do good things. But when you witness other people doing good, they would also want to do good.
Low Rui Yu