Engineering Good - Computers Against Covid

During Circuit Breaker last year, Mark Richmond of Team SG gave us the opportunity to help out in EG’s Computers Against Covid (CAC) initiative when training for our sports were suspended. I decided to step up to help out and started off as a deliveryman to collect computers from the donors to deliver them back to be fixed at Engineering for Good.

As a coach and educator myself who imparts knowledge and values to younger athletes, my heart went out to the children who lacked laptops during HBL and it made me want to do something about it. 

I also started assisting the volunteers at Engineering for Good with the refurbishing of laptops and pulled many all nighters just to finish refurbishing the number of computers I set out to refurbish. I remember receiving a Direct Message through my Instagram Account from a child with disabilities thanking me for the laptop he received to do Home Based Learning (HBL) and that one message warmed my heart.

I marvel at how small steps can lead to such a big change and I am excited to see how CAC will continue to bless even more children in need.

Engineering Good (EG) is a Singapore-based nonprofit that empowers disadvantaged communities using sustainable engineering and technology solutions. We focus our efforts on serving two key groups:
- Persons with disabilities (PWDs), through engineering assistive technology
- Low-income families, through digital inclusion initiatives

Support Us!
EG has been able to do the work we do due to the kind support of many volunteers, individuals and organisations. Our work is far from done and we need your help in the following ways:

Devices - Windows laptops, MacBooks (less than three years old), Android tablets and smartphones (manufactured from 2017 onwards), iPads and iPhones with USB-C/lightning charging ports Accessories - laptop chargers, solid state hard drives (SSDs), laptop bags, wired (USB) mice and keyboards, USB headsets, USB webcams

Cash - help fund the purchase of spare laptop parts and assistive technology materials, and our operations

We welcome volunteers with various skill sets (no, you don’t have to be an engineer to join our family!) and backgrounds. All we ask for is a willingness to serve!

You can find out more about Engineering Good from our website
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