Lucy Pearmain

When I see a kid in their own happy moment I long for that joy again.

What brings out the best of me?
I went to university to study Secondary teaching. I wanted to teach Art to teenagers, exploring their angst and opinions. I began traveling and found myself teaching small children, from 2-11 years old.
This experience gave me more insight about the creative process of making art. Children have no fear of the blank canvas. They create works that make sense to them. They can tell you a story about a scribble of lines that I could have never thought of! Children explore their imagination with no pressure on themselves to find a solution. They work across different mediums and pieces of paper with a energy I admire so much.

Not only do children inspire me artistically, but also emotionally. They make friends so easily, with this content ment that they are loved and awesome. Their understanding of the world is so innocent and happy, I wish I could tap into that joy more often.

I enjoy teaching young children because you can easily see their learning. I think as adults we hide our mistakes and the fact we don't have all the answers. If I was dancing and singing in the shopping centre, it would make me crazy! Yet, when I see a kid in their own happy moment I long for that joy again.
Lucy Pearmain