I still love my ahma.

The Best of You 2015: First person that comes to my mind would be my ahma! Spent quite a lot of time with my ahma when my mum had to work or if my parents go to JB. She's an amazing woman who dedicated her life to her family.

Her early sleeping habits of sleeping after the channel 8 news end. Lying on the mattress at night listening to the cars zoom past downstairs. Waking up early in the morning and she would already be reading newspaper in that small kitchen. Her morning exercise routines. Making a trip to the market with her would always take hours because she has so many friends! I was always so impressed with how sociable she is.

Even if she doesn't remember me anymore, and I don't see her all that often, I still love my ahma [: As they say. "給阿嬤帶的孩子不會變壞" #thebestofyou2015
Manfred Loh