Racism. it's one of Malaysian problem. At first, I have this kind of problem too. But Highschool kind of change it. I met this Chinese girl. She's something else. She's not something I thought a Chinese is. She is so helpful, kind and generous. Whenever, I have problem she'll help me with it. And now she's my friend. Best friend indeed. There's a time we need a sign and stamp of the head village for the university application but it was so challenging. It's really hard and she kept saying cut it out, "I don't want this anymore". But I insisted we need to do this. If we don't do this now we have to do this later. But she think it's hard for her meetings with malays. This is because, one time she met my uncle. And I do know he's a little bit more racist. Like in Whatsapp group they like to bad mouthing other race. I hate read when they discuss about "boikot barangan cina", "boikot mamak". and something like that. They act like Malays are angle, everything we did are right. I don't like that thought. And I did tell her about it. And it makes her so uncomfortable. I don't like this. Why can't we at least be like Indonesian. I don't think there's any racism happen among them. If we read their name, we hardly knows whether they were Malays, Chinese, Indian or what. They seems so unite until now. I just want my bestfriend feel comfortable with all races. I want to help her be more comfortable with Malays. I don't like ideology of racism, why do we need to be such like that. We all same. We all human. Why do we need to make label of everyone. Just respect each other. It's not like you lose your standard if you be kind to others. Right?????
Mardhiyya Nur Zahra Minhat