Loneliness at Dormitory

Tired after duty I returned home. When I stood in front of the door, sometimes I just imagine that the bride of mine will opend the door for me with her charming smile, greeting me to enter my room.
My two kids thrown their toys by the joy of their father coming back, they run into me. I hug them from my both sides and they started to looking for their favorite chocolates or chips, which I had bring for them.
Then I sat beside of sofa on the side of my two loving kids and start play with them. My wife stood up infront of them and scolded them to go for study. At the time my mother has came and told my wife "'do not stop them let them playing with their father. They just happy to play with their father. Let them play some more time!"'
At the time I'm thinking this is the exile's life. I'm not in my country. Its only my imagination.
I open the door by myself and enter my room. I open my dirty clothes. I charge my phone and just laying down on my bed, instantly beginning to browsing facebook.
At this time my wife calls me and ask me "" have you take your dinner??""
I just answer ""will get fresh soon and prepare my dinner"".
Using her surly voice she telling me,""Please, take your dinner now! after that, call me back.""
I left my phone and I go to the kitchen for cooking. After cooking,I take bath ,then I eat my dinner.

(Omar Faruque Shipon working Shipyard as safety coordinator since 2010..
His favaurite hobby is reading and writing..
He is one of the winners in the inaugural migrant worker story telling competition last may 27th, 2018.)

Md Omar Faruque