Md Omar Faruque

See you soon

The number of Bangladeshi expatriates in Singapore is going up. This news has run to the ears of relatives of them. Their eyes are restless. Their days are full of worry and despair.
Many of their families call and messege me and express their grief and worry.
One of them asked me, 'Omar bhai, my brother's roommate is diagnosed with Covid-19, what might happen to my brother?'
A wife of expatriate tells me, 'Omar bhai, I am helpless. My husband is trying to hide something from me. He is covid-19 infected. When he comes to Bangladesh later, will he be able to take his kid into his lap? My kid is only 2 months old.'
Her speech sounded blank. She started crying after that. I, being unable to fill the silence, cut off the call. What words can soothe them is unknown to me.
A father of an expartiate worker called me and said, "My son! May Allah grant you thousand years of life. Because of you, we get day-to-day updates about Singapore."
My two eyes becomes river hearing that. Many people called me many names. At least one person has been benefited by my write-up. After taking a pause, I told him, "uncle, how can I help you?"
"My son is isolated in a room. He couldn’t go to work. I couldn’t get to him by phone for two days. Can you please check on him?"
- Sure. Give me his number.
" Baba! Don't mind please. My daughter told me to call you. Only you can give me information about my son."
- Do not worry uncle. I will find him and keep you posted.
Many loved ones like them call me, messege me. Due to some business, I could not answer to many of your messeges.
Through this write-up I want to say to all the family members of our expatriates, do not worry. We all are fine here.
For your kind information, Singapore's health care system is pretty sophisticated. Here, the death rate is very low. To date, 21 people have died from complications due to Covid-19, while nine others who tested positive for the virus have died from other causes.
I have talked with many Bangladeshi nationals in Singapore. Most of them got cured in three to five days. They will have to stay some more days for observation.
Many relatives of expatriates believe that their dear ones are lying about their wellbeing. I want to assure you all that they didn't lie to me. Be assured of the fact that they will meet you in good health.
Keep us in your prayers. May the Almightily bring us to you in good shape.
The calamity will perish soon. We will have get-togethers again. We will hold our darlings into our lap again.

Omar Faruque Shipon
Md Omar Faruque