I thought my life won't change at all.

I always have anxiety and depression. My days are getting worst day by day. I thought my life won't change at all. Until he came in my life. I was suprised when he sit next to me after hearing all my dark past. He never promised to stay by myside. But he did. After that, he changed my life completely. He makes me feel good. He makes me hope for a better tomorrow. Somedays I forgot about my medication. How a man that was once a stranger can change me so much? I still have my depression in me but when he close by, I forgot everything. In the past, I never cared about my looks, my attitude neither do how i live. He changed me slowly. He sits with me in a make-up class. He become my fashion instructor. He open my timid world. There is no word to express how I'm so grateful that I met him. He is man with nothing to offer. But he changed my life. I always thought I will never found somebody who will sees through my pains.. But I was wrong. There is always somebody will love you.
Melessa Janil