It's a big breakthrough for me.

I was a person who had no sense of direction at all. I could easily get lost, even in a shopping mall. I was always the person who relied on the tour guide when I travelled overseas. I had never gone overseas by myself, let alone going as far as the USA, and there was nobody to accompany me when I flew back from that trip.

Because of Zentangle, I took up the challenges.

I remembered when I bought the air ticket online, I tried to find the shortest distant and shortest layover time. I found one on the return ticket, I was so happy to see there was only 3 hours of layover time in Paris for transit.

But I never realised I had to check out from South Paris, to take a bus and then to check in at North Paris. It was a working day in the afternoon, my friends told me to expect a heavy jam.

Worriedly, I called the ticketing agency to change the ticket. They allowed me to change but I have to pay extra RM 800. I hesitated to do and took the risk.

I told myself - in worse scenario, I could still stay in Paris and buy a ticket to catch another flight back to Malaysia. On a positive note - It could be a divine plan in letting me enjoy some time in Paris , how cool was that?

On that day, the flight landed South Paris earlier than scheduled, and surprisingly the road traffic was not as jam as expected. I was relieved then.

When I was in the transit bus and reached Terminal One, the bus captain announced whoever was taking flight back to Malaysia should get down here. I was unsure if that was the right terminal for me. I then asked the captain. He didn’t answer me but just asked me to get down. I was worried but followed what he said. When I got down, the bus captain drove off, together with my big, bright yellow luggage. I chased and shouted but to no avail. I was terribly shock.

2 airport staff heard me shouting and came to me. They helped me and called the bus captain. They told me to wait as the captain would send back my luggage after he dropped the passengers at Terminal 2.

The airport staff and I waited and waited. I told the airport staff I needed to go in and check with the counter if that was the correct terminal to check in. They didn’t allow but I insisted.

I went in to the counter and the counter lady told me it was correct but they would close the counter on time, they wouldn’t wait for me. Then I wanted to walk back to the place to wait for my luggage. Guess what? I lost. I couldn’t find the place. I was so scared, I walked to and fro the same place many rounds but just couldn’t find the correct way to that place.

Suddenly I heard someone called me. One of the staff came and find me, he scolded me for not waiting for my luggage. The bus left again. But, he had taken out my luggage for me. They could recognise my luggage because earlier I described to them my luggage’s type and colour.

I hurriedly grabbed my luggage and ran to the check-in counter. I was just in time to submit my travelling document over to the lady in charge. Phew! What a big relief.

While waiting for her to process my boarding pass, she told me the computer couldn’t recognise my ticket. That dragged for another half and hour. When she asked for help from her supervisor, the supervisor quickly used another method to print out a substitute boarding pass, and instructed a pretty stewardess to escort me to the plane.

We went through the express lane and immigration without queuing, like a VIP. When I stepped in the plane, everybody stared at me. I felt so sorry for the flight delay. While the other hand, I felt a huge relief.

All that happened in less than 3 hours, but had left a big impact in my life. It’s an unforgettable experience. It’s a big breakthrough for me.

I lived up the Zentangle’s philosophy - Anything is possible, one step (stroke) at a time.
Michelle Lim