Despite all, he is still strong for us.

my father works for the military air force, he was a well built man and a handsome man. on august 2012 we got a call at home saying that he passed out while working . the doctor at the infirmary said that he was to dehydrated and his body just shut down at the moment. so after that day my mother forced him to go to the hospital because his flu was worsening. the flu lasted for a long time . at least at that time we thought it was a flu. after a few days admitted in the hospital the results came out and we found out that he was diagnosed with nasal cancer stage 3. for a few days i did not see him because i was busy with school work.
On the day he was released from the hospital, i was ready to greet him at the door and then i saw him thinner than usual with a pale look on his face . it is ridiculous how someone can lose 20 kg in just 2 weeks. After he was referred to a government hospital he immediately started radiotherapy it was the first treatment he ever got. After a few cycles of treatment, i could see him changing rapidly he could not eat properly because of the ulcers in his throat, his face was burned from the treatment. But i can tell that he is a very strong willed man , we had hope for him to get cured. after he finished with his treatment the doctor said the results was convincing the tumor in his head has actually shrank. but then after a year the tumor came back aggressively, the option given to him was to get chemotherapy.
the chemo caused a lot of damage to his body from what i see his hand veins was burned. The chemo did not really worked on him so the doctor told him that he can remove the tumor with surgery but he had to take oral chemo. But the oral chemo only made it worse the tumor was 1 cm before after 14 cycles of oral chemo the tumor grow to 5 cm. the tumor was so big that he could not breath with his nose and had to breath through his mouth. so last thing he could do was get surgery to open his airway. after the surgery the doctor tells us that the cancer could not be cured anymore he used up all of his options. despite all of that he is still strong for us his wife, his children. As his daughter , i want him to see me holding a degree scroll and make him proud of me and also if gods will i want him to live his life fully and be happy always.
Lastly, i really hope that he could fulfill all his life dreams . and thank you to my friend harley for her time spent
love from his daughter